Kyle Anderson

Laravel Developer

Multifaceted professional with a passion for the space where technology intersects with human experiences. Offering extensive experience in front- and back-end development, programming, systems administration, and technology management. Leveraging a balance of creativity and technical savvy to create elegant code, increased productivity, and exceptional user experiences.

Professional Experience

Grand Canyon Education

Phoenix, AZ
Backend Developer
  • Collaborate with various departments in development of new and existing web services, server rendered pages, functional test sites, and deploying software and configuration.
  • Build robust and scalable software in PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, and Drupal. Design and create local Docker development system and CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps.

Fulcrum Digital

Jersey City, NJ
Director of Technology
  • Managed global teams for Apria Healthcare to provide code review, coding standards, linting, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), systems administration, technology stack configuration and versioning, database normalization and mapping, and documentation.
  • Provided sprint planning, grooming, and retrospectives, daily standups, weekly individual and team/department check-ins from developers, product owners, customers, and various leadership.

Apria Healthcare

Chandler, AZ
Senior Software Engineer
  • Populated and maintained data from various sources to destinations based on business requirements. Performed as Scrum Master and managed sprint planning, stories, and retrospectives for local and remote development teams and third-party vendors.
  • Coordinated with the product owners, legal, finance, and other teams on infrastructure and security, optimization, audits, and testing to increase application performance and user experience.


Scottsdale, AZ
Application Architect
  • Worked with various companies throughout the Phoenix area—such as Media Solutions, Moses, and Privoro—providing planning and assistance with new and/or existing codebases built with Laravel and related technologies in the ecosystem.

Crucial Hosting

Queen Creek, AZ
  • Established and managed daily business aspects, from infrastructure development and maintenance to customer acquisition, web design and development, and technical support.
  • Grew Crucial into $1MM+ in annual revenues through targeted marketing, consistent infrastructure modernization, and providing outstanding user experiences.
  • Wrote blog and knowledgebase articles to help clients and increase online presence, earning placement in search and industry publications, such as Smashing Magazine and A List Apart.
  • Established Crucial as the industry's most prominent hosting provider for Magento, serving as a technical product expert and benchmark for performance and optimization.

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ
Attended college with a focus on Computer Information Systems (CIS) and English.

B&D Litho

Phoenix, AZ
IT Manager
  • Reduced accounting department's efforts by allowing employees in satellite offices to connect directly to the Phoenix office via VPN to clock in and out and directly access the mainframe.
  • Provided general technical support, such as wiring buildings with CAT5, rebuilding computers, and fixing common software and hardware issues.

Select Technical Skills

Top Skills

PHP / Laravel / Livewire

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

DevOps / SysAdmin

Other Skills

Alpine Bash Docker Git Tailwind SQL Vue

Get In Touch

I am currently taking on freelance work, contract-to-hire, or a full time position.

I can help with the following:

  • Backend development with PHP and Laravel
  • Frontend development with Livewire and Tailwind
  • Server management, hardening, optimization, and upgrades

Drop me a line at or call me at +1 480 434 4675